Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I.Q.O. Productionz.com reaches over 1K hits within the first month!

  Would like to thank everyone who has stopped by, for helping us reach our initial goal of 1,000 page views on www.iqoproductionz.com!  In our very first month, well actually in less than a month, we have surpassed 1Khits and still climbing!  This site is primarly designed to highlight I.Q.O., a young musican/rapper from Tennessee, but will continue to evolve into whatever it will eventually become.  We are in the process of searching the Internet for other talented, unheard musicians, writing reviews on hip hop/R&B albums, making music videos for I.Q.O., as well as recording new music continually. Very interested in collaborating and meeting, or at least speaking with other interesting, original musicians, who may not have a forum/platform to speak from.  Simply posting videos to YouTube alone, has proven to be much less constructive and much less interesting than the recent social media campaign we have been engaging in.  Continually learning new ways to share and interact with people from around the world has been great fun.  Furthermore, would like to bring more Artist's into the process and grow interest in the site, as well as give a little extra exposure to deserving talented people.  Obviously 1,000 page views in a month's time is next to nothing, but its just the beginning!  Our next goal is to reach that number in a week's time, only through people like you can that be possible.  Thank you and stay tuned.

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