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Use Amazon Coins On Mobile Strike for a 25% Discount!!!

To do this you need an Android Phone/Tablet and a PC  desktop or laptop.

1.  On your Desktop or Laptop Pc, open a new tab and go to and open an account.  If you already have an Account Log In.

2.  Next on your Android mobile phone or Android tablet, DOWNLOAD Amazon UNDERGROUND      The Link is provided, but you can just search Google for "Amazon Underground App".   Download this App on your mobile phone or Tablet.  This is NOT found in the Google Play Store, It is found on the AMAZON website.  

3.  Once Amazon Underground is downloaded open the app and follow the directions to changing security settings on your mobile device.  You will be Prompted to do So.   MORE HELP WITH THIS

4.   Once the app Installs, log into the Amazon Underground app and login the same way you did with your regular Amazon account. (They are the same company).

5.  Use the search in the Amazon Underground app on your  Android/Phone/Tablet to locate the Amazon Underground Version of the Game MOBILE STRIKE.  And Download It.  You will now have 2 different versions of the game. Try to remember which is which since they are different.  try putting the Underground Version of the Game in a different location of your phone to know them apart.   You will need BOTH OF THEM.  The login for both games will be the same as you always use.

6.  Now back to the PC.   On this page at the bottom are links to different Coin amounts from Amazon.  They have different amounts.   500 amazon Coins is the same as spending $5.00 on Mobile strike but you will notice that they only cost you $4.75.  This is a small savings but can get much larger the more you buy at Once.  For example  buying a 50,000 Amazon Coin Pack would equate to $500 dollars on Mobile strike, but the price for the coins is only $375 dollars..

      In other words for $375 dollars you will be able to buy $500 worth of packs.   Check out the different Coin amounts to calculate the Savings.    Just remember every 100 amazon coins you buy equals 1 dollar in the game.  It is easy to see the possible savings.

7.  Once you have bought your Coins it will automatically transfer the coins to the amazon underground app.  (may take up to 5 minutes).

8.  Next open the Amazon underground Version of MOBILE STRIKE and spend your coins on whatever you want to buy.   Open the Packs.  Close the app.  The reason is because the AMAZON UNDERGROUND VERSION RUNS SLOWER.  NOT GOOD FOR GAMEPLAY.  This is ONLY used as way to spend the COINS which are WAY cheaper.

9.  Open your original game the way you always do and you will see that all your packs are open and you paid a FRACTION of the Price.

video will be made very shortly.  I know it may seem complicated but after doing it once or twice you will realize its quite easy.  Just remember you will have to set up an Account with Amazon and enter a payment method of however you perfer.   And please use the links below to buy the Coins to Help Out FULLMETALJACKET  and you know she will be looking out for you on the BATTLEFIELD!

VIDEO SOON TO COME!  thanks and enjoy.

Amazon Coins 500 Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins1000 Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins5000 amazon Coins

Amazon Coins10000 Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins2500 Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins 50000 Amazon Coin

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