Thursday, October 1, 2015 Reaches its first 5,000 hits!!

 Would like to give a shout out to all peoples, who have stopped by and checked out the Site.  It means alot!!
      We know, here at  there is a ton of work to do to get this thing to where we want it to be, and that its still very basic overall. We will continue to chip away at this thing until it one day becomes a hotspot for Underground Music and a place for Artist around the country and world, to share their music with people of common interest.
    We understand there are many sites like this out there, but we hope to keep that close connection feel, and not be so detached from the visitors of the site.   Feel free to email us at, with ideas, cool underground rap videos, bios and general discussion of any kind.  If you think you are on to something with your music and want us to help you share it out to the world then send us some info.  Our network is always gradually getting bigger..Its always FREE $$ whether we choose to post it or not.  Sometimes it will be a time permitted type thing but if we like what we hear then you can bet that we will get around to doing the article.  The more info you send us, the better.
   Thanks again for all who support us.  Check back soon for new MUSIC!
    Also Check out our YouTube Channel.

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