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How to REALLY get your underground music heard: Social Media

    Social Media is a great way to get your name out there.  It's also extremely competitive place to attempt to have a significant voice.  I'm going to give you a few tips on how to make it work for you in the best way possible.  I'll start by saying that if you don't have any talent then it will be extra extra hard for you, but even then with the right strategies, you can get your music out there.  I know you all have plenty of talent so here goes.

  First of all you will need some content.  Don't even think about making a bunch of social media profiles if you have little to no music, videos etc...

  Spend some time developing your YouTube channel.   Videos are the best, but simply posting songs with a photograph of your CD or Mixtape is better than nothing.  Get a decent library of these and remember to share them to your Google plus profile as soon as they are uploaded.  If you have a YouTube Channel, then you automatically own a Google + profile.   Google purchased YouTube a few years ago and they are the same company now, just in case you didn't already know that.

  For starters i recommend creating a Gmail from scratch that will keep all your email and business associated with your music completely seperate from your personal world.   This way you can actually use the same or a similar password for all the services you will be setting up.....Gmail, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Tumblr and Twitter etc.  can all use the same GMAIL as the username and can all have the same password or similiar password.

    Basically associate all these services with the same Gmail account that you have set up seperately, so it will all be in one place and won't get lost in your personal stuff.

  Now that you have something to share lets get started on monitizing your YouTube account.  There are many videos and tutorials on how to do this.  Go through all the steps and double check yourself.

 YouTube will definitely allow you to put commercials on your Channel without actually paying you if you are not paying attention.

  Begin monitizing your YouTube account by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of the page and then clicking on Creator Studio.  Next in the panel that opens up on the left click on the tab that says CHANNEL.   Make sure to turn on MONETIZATION.  You will see it about 3rd or 4th on the list.

   YouTube constantly changes so check for tutorial videos to make sure you are doing this right if you are reading this months after it has been published..   Turning on monetization should lead you to the rest of the steps but if not when you are all done, go back to creator studio then select the tab called ANALYTICS..  This should let you know if you are being paid for your videos.

NOTE ***  if you do not have a YouTube Channel then setting up one is easy.  You must go set up a GMAIL account.  Gmail automatically creates a YouTube Channel.  If you already have a GMAIL, then you already have a YouTube.

NOTE *** if you post anything that is not completely original that is completely OK for the most part just make sure and DO NOT monitize videos with non-original content.  You can decide which videos to monitize in the MANAGE VIDEOS TAB.

  Monitizing your videos is important, I see all the time when someone makes a video which happens to go viral and by the time they realize it it is too late.

   They monitize it too late and miss out on the initial wave of hits, people are always looking for something new so once the initial wave is over hits slow down and they missed out on a ton of traffic.

  Next step is to create a FACEBOOK fan page.  This is done inside your real facebook account so it is the one thing that is more complicated to keep completely seperate from personal life, since the login for your Facebook page is the exact same as your personal Facebook.

     Although inside your Facebook like page you are completely anonymous to anyone on the outside as too who actually made it or runs it.  They are almost like 2 seperate things.  As well you can allow other friends to become a part of your page and allow them to post or do whatever you would like to allow them to do.  You can set limits per each friend has to how much access they have over the Facebook like page or "Band Page"  in this case.

    Get the page created and share a few of your YouTube videos to the page and make it look good.  Add a custom Cover Photo and enter all information you can on it and get it ready BEFORE you share it with all your friends.  Then share the page and you will get a few followers.   Don't worry if its not many to begin with this is just setting up a foundation.

    Also this allows you to put the like button on other formats to draw in more Facebook followers that are outside of your friends and family.

  Twitter is a great way to get some of your music outside your own circle of family and friends a little quicker.  Use your Gmail account that you use for your MUSIC and set up a Twitter account, its fast and easy.  (recommend getting a notepad to keep up with all these passwords)

    Once your Twitter is opened up it is important to share some of your YouTube videos to the page and maybe even share a few more things that you think are interesting and have to do with your type of music.   Get your page filled with interesting content BEFORE searching for followers..

  The way to get the BEST followers on Twitter is by simply following other people.  The important part to this is WHO DO YOU FOLLOW?  You do not just want to follow random people, you want to follow people who might be interested in your type of music.

    You need to find MAJOR artist's who have a sound that you would consider resembles your own.  Go to their Twitter account and see which people are following them. (example.. follow all the people who follow the rapper TUPAC)   Follow as many accounts in this list as you can.  Make sure to take a few moments to try and determine which of these people are REAL.  Meaning not companies or Robots or Business trying to sell something.  Look for signs that these people who follow your particular music type are REAL people, then follow away.

    If you have original content that is relevent to things they are interested in a decent percentage of these people will follow you back.  You now have a beginning fan base of people who are way more likely to listen and share whatever you post in the future.

(EXAMPLE...if you follow of the people who follow say, Taylor Swift, these people are less likely to follow your page back, and even less likely to like or share your content if you are trying to become a rapper.  Does that make sense? )  Follow people who like what you do.  This is easy to find.

  Now with your New Facebook Fan Page and YouTube Channel and Twitter Channel it is back to you to begin getting to work on creating even more content that is original and good.  Take some time to do this and make sure to share to your Fan Pages.

    I do not recommend spamming these Fan Pages but don't go too long without posting either.   Use your own judgement as how to do this.  The most important thing is getting an oppurtunity to be heard as it is a fact that their are tons of talented people out there with absolutely no clue how to get their name out there.

Alot of people think that if they just create something great it will spread like a virus without anywork on their own part.  This is only true of very few viral videos.  For the most part a huge network is slowly being built up before things like this can get around the way they do.  Unless they are truly remarkable once in lifetime type videos, you will need to set up a Network to help you locate YOUR fans.  They do exist they are out there, they just don't know who you are yet.

  We will be adding MUCH MUCH MORE to this page in the future as there are MANY more things you can do to start getting views and hits TODAY on your new music.   The internet is an amazing place, never doubt that there are endless way's to get your name out there,  and don't stop looking for new ones.


These same principles can be used with PINTEREST as well believe it or not.   And many others as well.  Make time to add to your network by following people who follow your niche.   Make sure to interact with the content of others as often as possible as well.  Like and Share Content from other creators that you find interesting and this will help lead them to taking a look at what you have to offer.

Stay Diligent!!  But don't forget to take time to work on your own craft, making music, which is most important of all.

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