Thursday, December 17, 2015

Iqoproductionz Reaches 10K Hits!

Hi, I am I.Q.O.(Michael Snyder), my brother(Damon Warlick) and I began this site in December 2014 as a way to showcase not only my music but music of my peers,artists and information we find interesting.
We started out getting 10-20 page views a day and for awhile it seemed we were stuck there.
Well my friends I am extremely happy to say today we have reached over 10,000 pageviews and at this exact moment we have 244 visitors so far today which would also be the most we have ever had in one day and today is just getting started!(This is exciting)

For anyone not up to date on who I am, I am I.Q.O.. I have been rapping and producing since 2004. Life events have caused me to come in and out of the music game and I am gearing up for a comeback. Currently I am putting finishing touches on my free mixtape Free For The People and it will be released December 21st!

Thank every last one of you for taking your time to visit and I hope continues to have your company. If you know of any awesome artists locally,online or you are one yourself contact us @ We would love to share your music and support you! Anything you want us to cover we haven't? EMAIL US! once again @

Thank you all much love!-I.Q.O.

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