Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Underground Rap - B. Wize "Audience"

 Dope Underground Rap artist B.Wize (E. Larry Guidry Jr.) was born to a second generation green thumb from Southern Louisiana where his grandfather couldn't read and his father couldn't read until the age of 21. He was much involved in church leading songs at the age of 8 and found music to be an inspiration. Without any musical training young wize learned sounds such as George Pendergrass, Otis redding, Nat king Cole and his favorite Frank Sinatra. Wize wasn't introduced to Hip-Hop until a late age, often listening to freestyles than participating. He often disliked the vulgarity of degrading women and the image it portrayed on the black community. It wasn't until he heard Lupe Fiasco's The Cool that drew him to the genre . He wrote his first full song Unrated at 22 and can remember being so nervous he cursed out loud for forgetting his lyrics. At 25 he began writing poetry and would read it to his fiancĂ©. After a drought of not writing, his fiancĂ© strongly encouraged him to continue writing that eventually turned stanzas into bars. Later that year he recorded his first single Benediction and since 2015 has recorded over 30 records. As of 2016 Wize is in the process of completing his first EP entitled "LikeWize".    

Check Out B.Wize "Audience"  Music Video below and as always,  Listen Like and Share and support Underground Rap.    

Social Media:
Facebook: Bee Wize
Twitter: @Bee_WiZe

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