Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Musical Motivation Mix 1

Motivation and inspiration are healthy habits for dreamers and achievers alike.
As this blog is rap-oriented and is hosted by a music producer for mostly Hip Hop inspired soundscapes, I'm highly aware fellow rap fans may be alarmed that I'm looking into sounds and music from other genres.
Anyone not just beginning their musical journey into Rap Music though should know that some of it's most esteemed and essential creators were inspired by a wide array of genres and have made works of art from mish-mashes of inspired ideas from outside of the genre itself or the furthering of borrowed techniques from Hip Hop Pioneers by later Hip Hop Legends that truly understand originality comes from a unique blend of what came before you and you. Hip Hop started taking from the old and making a new, and before it was seemingly solid as a usually comes from flipping an idea or sound(s) from outside the genre itself and digesting them into the ever inclusive home of Rap Music.

Therefore, without further ado, I'll be putting together little musical *nuggets from time to time in the form of Musical Motivation Mixes. I believe one way to understand what sound you are going for is to realize the key components of a certain idea, interest, tool or mood well help to gain some feeling for the texture of different sounds. Dr. Dre, and Kanye West, gobble up the feels of legendary artists outside Rap Music and Re-Envision theme through their particular lens and bring Grade A Hip Hop name just a couple of the giants that changed the entire popular soundscape more than once in their ONGOING careers.

This first MMM Playlist is inspired by Online Music Production Instructor Stephen Webber

The Playlist below contains selections from productions by:
The Beatles/George Martin
The Neptunes
The Dust Brothers
Dr. Luke 
Dr. Dre

Online Music Production Instructor Stephen Webber
*Some of the best produced albums* - Music Production
YT Channel Name: Berklee Online
Doug Orey - Online Student Advisor

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