Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NFL 2K5 - Its IN the Game!!

With the coming release of Madden 16 we decided to hop up on the REAL NFL game, if ya don't know check it out.

    10 years after its debut NFL 2K5 is still the best NFL game in my opinion. A cult following continues to update rosters and post youtube videos explaining why it's better than madden. Load up some custom rosters and run a few games and you will see why. I know these clips are crude but that's because i'm running this on the PCSX2 emulator and my computer can barely handle it. (only way i know how to record my screen.) I know i coulda just used a camera and recorded my TV but i wanted to learn how to do it this way for future videos on my new Super Computer that will be mine...oh yes it will be mine!

Music by my amazing lil bro I.Q.O. check out his website http://www.iqoproductionz.com

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