Friday, October 30, 2015

What's the best beat making software?

   You'll need a good beat making software if your going to make your own beats, and not have to pay someone for the use of theirs.   If you do decide to use someone elses beats then usually its a good idea to get permission or at the very least do not whatsoever attempt to make any money off of whatever you create.  Use other peoples music at your OWN RISK.  The safest bet, is to get creative and take the time, (put in your 10,000 hours), and learn to make your own.



     It's quick, responsive.  Loaded with Features.  Cubase has been around for ages and is considered by many as the number 1 beat making software. In-place rendering and VCA are major additions to this already powerful program. This is PRO-level software.



Alchemy, the ultimate sample-manipulation synthesizer, comes to Logic Pro X. The enormous library, keyword browser, advanced synthesis tools, and easy-to-use Performance Controls let you discover, create, and transform sounds like never before. Combining this powerful new synth with exciting features introduced in Logic Pro 10.1, such as Note Repeat and Spot Erase, 10 new EDM and Hip Hop Drummers, and Drum Machine Designer, this is the most powerful version of Logic Pro X ever. 
 - apple website

For 199.99, It is an amazing value. Used by many top artists everyday, but you will need a Mac to run it.  Apple computers are becoming increasingly the go to computers for music making today.  Despite how in depth it is, Pro Logic 10 is easy to begin working with, because the main screen can quite possibly have everything you need from start to finish.



New features for version 12 includes a GUI scaling to change resolutions to better fit your computer screen.   The interface is completely customizable and the manual for doing all these things is excellent.


Magix Music Maker Premium

Over 6,000 loops, sounds and instruments.  But most of the reviews I'm seeing of this one are saying that its super buggy.  I would probably avoid this one although it has a very cheap price tag.   Maybe going back to the 2013 version would be a better bet.  The consensus is that it is getting worse as time goes by, instead of better.




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