Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nashville Underground Rap - Jay L "Nameless"

image of Jay L.  A rapper from nashville wearing a knicks hat
   Jay L. is an Underground Rapper, writer, and entertainer, originating from the Nashville area. In the past few years, Music City has become a growing metropolis for tourist, but its music and entertainment presence has become fiercely competitive.  In return, Jay L. has kept pace with it's progression and his passion has only grown.  In return, the 25 year old has quickly made a name for himself and is well respected in Nashville's ever-growing Hip-Hop community. 

   Although still young, that which sets Jay L. apart is his humility to his craft.  He has always been quite "out-of-the-box."  From his style to his free-styles, he does not label himself with genres and he sways away from trends.  His open-mindedness has kept him beyond the game and has given him the opportunity to work with many reputable names.  Aside from performing in every major event/music venue in Downtown, Jay L. has performed at the "All Three Coasts" festival (A3C) in Atlanta, and South by SouthWest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.  Always keeping himself busy, Jay L. is currently working on his debut album, a visual for his "20ME" track, released January 1, 2016, the rising GetFMLR RADio Show, Bonnaroo 2017 and a number of other surprises for his loyal fans. 

Check out Jay L's single "Nameless"  below and as always Listen Like and Share and support Nashville underground rap.

You can also follow Jay L  at  Twitter, Instagram, and Suscribe on YouTube


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