Monday, May 16, 2016

L.A. Underground Rap: Derrick Mitchell - Cookies and Clouds

Derrick Mitchel standing outside.  He is an underground rapper from LA
Derrick Mitchell is a recording artist/songwriter/musician/producer/brand/entertainment company,who has been expressing himself through music for the past 10 years. The artist with the "fressshh" mentality has also been known to song-write for the local talent throughout the Los Angeles area.

    Derrick Mitchell was raised in the streets of Los Angeles. Always having a passion for creativity, D.M noticed he enjoyed music a little more than the average listener. He began writing and working on his craft in high school as he gained the attention of his peers. 

    Derrick Mitchell's life went for a turnaround when he was kicked out of his parent's home for being arrested on theft charges. While living on the streets, Derrick Mitchell's music became influenced by a darker approach. Based on his struggles, D.M easily shares his stories and experiences.   

Check Out Derrick Mitchell on SoundCloud as well as Instagram and remember to check out the Song "Cookies and Clouds"  below.   Listen Like and Share and Thank you!  


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